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Visual Basic Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use command line arguments with VB?
Use the command$() function. See this Example
How do I check if Program is running in the IDE or an EXE File?
See this Microsoft Knowledgebase Article  Q177636
How do I copy all the files in my project to another directory?
Try Copy Project Lite to copy your current project files to another location.
What are the differences between VB 5 and VB 6?
Here are the  New VB6 Features and Changes.
I lost my source code. Can I Decompile my VB executable to get it back?
Yes, it can be Decompiled if you are using VB 3 or earlier. You can only get machine code from later versions.
Where can I get a Free Icon Editor?
Use Iconwrks in the VB Samples directory or get the powerfull  IBuilder from the AllAPIs site.
Where can I find an On-Line Visual Basic Tutorial?
There is a good on-line tutorial at the  AllAPIs site.
How do I find out about Microsoft dll file version conflicts?
See the Microsoft DLL Help Database
How do I Create a Most Recently Used (MRU) file list?
See the Microsoft Knowledgebase Article Q253171
How do I store Binary Information in Resource Files?
See the Microsoft Knowledgebase Articles  Q194409 and Q141505
How do I Suppress the Default Text Box Pop-Up Menu?
See the Microsoft Knowledgebase Article  Q191670
Can I Run My VB Application EXE Without Installing?
Yes, if your target machine has the required files and your application does not require any other OCXs or DLLs. NT 4.0 SP 4 or higher, Win 2000, Win ME and Win XP have the required files. Your users can also get  VB5 and VB6 runtime installations from Microsoft.
What are *.OCA Files Used For?
The OCA files are  used as type library caches for OCXs. See Microsoft Knowledgebase Article  Q149429
When Will Microsoft Stop Supporting VB 5/6 or any other Product?
See the Microsoft   Life Cycle and Product Discontinue Pages
How Can I Get a Long Filename from a Short Filename?
See the Microsoft Knowledgebase Articles  Q154822 and Q163227
How Can I Print the Contents of my Treeview or Listview?
See the article and code from  VB2theMax .
How Can I Print a Flexgrid or Other Grid?
See the article and code from  Adit .
How Can I Keep My Form Always On Top?
See the Microsoft Knowledgebase Article  Q184297.
How Can I Place My Icon in the System Tray?
See the Microsoft Knowledgebase Article  Q176085.
Can I Distribute the Microsoft VB OCXs with My Application?
Yes, the file "redist.txt" in your VB directory lists the files you can distribute.
How can I select folders instead of files?
Use the Browse for Folders Dialog.
I need to hire a VB programmer. What are some good Interview questions?
There are good questions on the JoelOnSoftware , Brinkster and Samuel Mercer sites.
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