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Steps to Convert a VB 3 Project to VB 5 or VB 6

1. Get the Crescent Upgrade Wizard.

This wizard will scan your VB 3 project and convert all 16 bit API calls to 32 bit API calls. It will also upgrade project references for your VBX controls to OCX controls. You can download if from Crescent Software  or from our site.

Note: We are providing this file as a courtesy to our web site visitors. We cannot provide any support on this product.

2. Use VB 3 to Save Your Project in Text Format

The upgrade wizard and VB 5 or 6 require your files to be in text format. If you do not have VB 3, we can convert  your files to text format for a fee. For information on conversion contact Send information on the number of forms and modules in the project.

3. Run the Crescent Upgrade Wizard on Your Project.

You will will need VB 4, 5, or 6 to create run the Wizard. Ignore any reference to VBRUN500.DLL.  Use MSVBVM50.DLL or MSVBVM60.DLL.

4. Get the OCXs for your VB 3 Project VBX files.

If your project used any special VBX controls you will have to locate their OCX equivalents.

5. Load the Converted Project into VB 5 or 6.

Test your project to verify the conversion.


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