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Read these unsolicited comments from our satisfied users:

Russell Bourdette, IT Consultant, American Heart Association -- National Center

I love your Documentor product.

Richard Curzon, SSI, Canada

I like this tool VB Builder. It automates the details: copies all files into a subdirectory, generates line number versions, saves and compiles, and reloads the original project (without line numbers), all in one step. Nothing to forget or manually screw up, your number-free code is always intact. Build number incrementing is handled too, the .VBP update for version number is the only one of your original files that gets touched.

Adrian Frame, Computer Consultant

I have my own telecomms/computer business in England. For my sins I know a little about computers and programming so I live and breathe computers.

All I can say is that the $45 or so spent on DocuMentor and Builder is probably the best investment made in a long time. I am not easily impressed but you did it! I would not hesitate to recommend these products to others.

Bryan Miller, Texas Transportation Institute

I think Builder is a terriffic product.  I use Builder on all my projects. I don't know how I ever stayed organized without it.

Chris Irwin, Spud City Software Co.

Your products are just what I need to keep up with my support efforts. I had never been too swift with error handling routines, but your software makes it easy. It's wonderful being able to have customers track down the exact line of code that's causing a problem, since there are many I'm unable to duplicate on my own computer.

Glenn Piper, Lead Programmer/DBA, PixTech, Inc.

This app ROCKS! I support programs for 3 offices, two here in the US, and one in France, and this tool help finding those highly annoying bugs that crop up with international programs much easier!

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