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Some Usefull Tips

Programmatically Register/Unregister OCXs and Active X DLLs
Use the built in DllRegisterServer  and DLLUnregisterServer functions in the OCXs and DLLs:
Declare Function RegMyDLL Lib "MyDll.dll" Alias "DllRegisterServer" () As Long
Dim lReturn as Long
Return = RegMyDll()
How do I unregister my ActiveX Exe?
You normally register your ActiveX Exe by running it. You can also run it with the command line parameter: /regserver
MyActiveX.exe /regserver
To Unregister it, run it with the /unregserver command line parameter:
MyActiveX.exe /unregserver.
How can I register/unregister OCXs using the Windows Explorer Right Click Context Menu
Download the  RegUnRegOCXs   reg file to your computer. Doubleclick it to install it in the registry.
Get a Free Copy of Visual Basic.
Download the Free VB Control Creation Edition from Microsoft at: VB Updates
Convert a VB 3/VB 4-16 program to VB 5/VB 6
See our VB 3 page.
Convert a VB 5 program to VB 6
Normally you can just open your VB 5 program with VB 6. However, some of the Windows Common controls should be upgraded. Use the VB 6 ActiveX Upgrade Utility.
Convert a VB 6 program back to VB 5 (Open a VB 6 program with VB 5)
o This should not be a problem if you are not using any of the VB6 New features.
o You can convert some of the New VB6 Functions to VB 5 versions of Split, Join, Replace and Filter.
o Open the VB 6 project with VB 5. VB 5 will complain about some lines in the VBP Project File. Open the VBP file with notepad, delete these lines, save it and open again in VB 5 until there are no complaints.
o If you are using Class files, open each class file with notepad. Delete the all the lines between BEGIN and END except the line "MultiUse = -1   'True "
Running VB 5 and VB 6 on the Same Computer
See the Microsoft Knowledge Base Artices: Q217017 and Q190253
Get the Runtime Files for All Versions of Visual Basic:
Download the runtimes from Microsoft at: VBRuntime.
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