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Place Your Revision Information in Up To 4 Locations With One Click

revis.gif (6979 bytes)

Use VB DocuMentor to easily keep track of your program as you maintain your program. Enter the change description and the tracking number. Select the Revision Type:

  1. BUG - Fix a problem

  2. ALT - Change the functionality

  3. NEW - New features

  4. User Defined - Up to 8 characters.

Then click Insert Revision Information to place the change text in one of four places based on the check boxes:

  1. Procedure - Directly below the Procedure Header.

  2. Module - Directly below the Module Header.

  3. Code Section - Right next to the code that you changed.

  4. Revision.txt - in the REVISION.TXT file which is attached as a related document to your project.

The revision information placed in the program looks like this:

revist.gif (1186 bytes)

The REVISION.TXT keeps track of all changes to the project in one location and looks like this:

revisf.gif (10332 bytes)


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