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Products We Use:

Protect your software and generate registration keys with: Softguard from
Jordan Russell's Software Setup your programs with the Free InnoSetup program from Jordan Russell
VB City Get the Free  PrettyCode.Print to print your source code plus code samples and more.

Microsoft Visual Basic Technical Support

This is the starting location for Microsoft's Visual Basic Technical Support.

HTML Revision History

Output VB DocuMentor Revision History Reports with this free tool from Signal Flow Technologies

$5.00 Free for Signing Up!

Get $5.00 free for signing up with PayPay

Insert Error Handlers and Line Number Your VB 3 Programs with these Free Utilities at :

Visual Basic Online

Use VB Safe to add comments and error handlers.

Use Utilinumber to add line numbers

  Convert your VB3/VB4 projects to VB5/VB6 with the Free Crescent Upgrade wizard.

Crescent Division of Progress Software

Download the wizard from:

  Note: We do not provide support for any of the above products.

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