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Error Forms




Error Reporting Forms

Error reporting forms allow you to find out where your program failed. The error reporting form that we developed for our own use is shown below. Note the complete information that is included: Program Version, Date and File time, Program Path, Operating System, Program Module and Procedure Name, Error Line Number, Error Number, Error Category and Error Description.

When a program error occurs,  the error handling code calls the error form. When this occurs,  the user can enter a description of the steps leading up to the error. The error form may be printed out by the user to give to the developer. All error information is also logged in an ERROR.LOG file in the program's current directory and copied to the clip board. The user may then press Continue or if the program is in a loop press End.

This form is included in the free demo source code in the download files. Since VB Builder itself is built with VB Builder, you can see this form in action. Double click on the image in VB Builder’s about box and the form will appear.

newerrfr.gif (9750 bytes)


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