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Why Comment?
Procedure Headers
Module Headers
Error Handlers

With VB DocuMentor you can easily document your program as you code it.


Descriptive Procedure Headers
When you can clearly state the purpose of a procedure: what it should do, what are the inputs, the global assumptions and the results, then you are ready to code it. With the Procedure Header section of VB DocuMentor you can easily enter this information. Then click the Insert button and it will be placed in a  Procedure Header clearly formatted with the  the Procedure Name, Author, Date, Time, Version, and Copyright. Now you can start to code with the purpose cleariy in front of you. When you or others come back the maintain the procedure the needed information will be there.
Descriptive Module Headers
When you create a module you should know the purpose for it. You enter this description into the  Module Header section of VB DocuMentor. Then click the Insert button. The Module Name, Author, Date, Time, Version, Copyright will be automatically added to the Module Header. Now you and anyone who must maintain the program will know the what and why of this module.
Revision Information
When was that change put in? Who put it in? Where did we change the code to fix Bug Number 12345? What program version had the New Feature 28221? How did we implement that new feature? What changes and bug fixes were in Version 2.3.04 that shipped last week?

Do you find yourself asking these questions but having a hard time coming up with answers? Then you should try the Revisions section of VB DocuMentor to track these types of changes in your program.

Word Wrapped Comment Blocks
Your can Insert multiline comment blocks any where in your code without the bother of manually formatting them.
Error Handlers
How much time do you spend adding error handlers to each routine where they are required? Do you ever try to save time by skipping putting in an Error Handler because you don't expect an error to occur there? Has this ever backfired on you? Now you  can insert three different standard error handlers and one custom defined handler with one click. No need to try to save time now and spend time later trying to find the error. These error handlers  also work with VB Builder to locate program errors.

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