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VB Builder




Why Line Numbers?
Adding Line Numbers
Error Forms

The VB Builder is a VB 5/6 Add-In used to produce line numbered versions of your Visual Basic projects. By adding line numbers to your project you can add error handlers that use the VB Error Line Function (Erl). Now you will be able to pinpoint an error to the exact Module, Procedure, and Line Number where it occured.

VB Builder Features

Adds Line Numbers to Your Visual Basic Project to Aid in Error Trapping. The Error Handler section of VB DocuMentor can be used to insert the error handlers.

A Copy of Each Version is Created in its own Directory before Line Numbers are Added.

Keeps Latest Numbered Version in a Version Build Directory for Source Code Control

Automatically Invokes the VB Compiler to Create Executable

Your Original project is not modified.

newvers.gif (374 bytes)What's New in Version 1.2

Version Compatibility Support (Project and Binary Compatibility)
New Option to Make Version Build Directories Read Only.
Refresh VB Builder When Project Changes
VB Builder Options Saved Between Uses.
New Help File.
Procedures With Existing Line Numbers not Numbered.
Bug Fixes.



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