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Books we use and recommend

Order VB & VBA In a NutShell

The Best and Handiest Reference to the VBA Language!

This book is the concise reference you need for the VBA Language. The first 6 chapters briefly explain program structure, variables and data types, classes, automation and error types. The remaining 600 pages give the details of each language element, programming tips,  gotchas, new VB 6 features, and lists of VB Constants that are hard to find anywhere else.
Order Learn to Program with Visual Basic

Start to Learn to Program with this Book.

This book is for beginners to Programming, Windows Programming and Visual Basic programming.  If you are just starting out programming, try this book. Learn the fundamentals of programming and programming in Windows by using Visual Basic. You do not even need to buy VB to use this book. It includes a CD with the VB Working Model edition.
Order Programming MS Visual Basic 6.0

The "Academy Award Winning" VB 6 Book

After reading Francesco Balena's VBPJ articles and attending his VBITs presentations, I was expecting a book full of advanced VB 6 techniques. Instead I found a thorough presentation of VB with the new VB 6 features highlighted and explained. The book and CD examples are the caliber I've come to expect. The book covers all of VB 6 in five main parts: Basics, User Interface, Database, Active X and Internet. I keep this book open on my desk and learn something new each day as I work on my VB 6 projects.  Mr. Balena is the "Roberto Begnigni" of Visual Basic.
Order Learning Word Programming

Apply your VBA Programming Skills to Word 97

This book is for intermediate and advanced VBA programmers who want to program Word. The beginning chapters cover the basics of VBA programming but best parts are the later chapters where the Word Object Model is detailed. The book is a bit short on examples and it only contains a short chapter on using forms with Word.
Order Developing Visual Basic Add-ins

Learn  Visual Basic 5 and 6 Add-Ins

This book is a concise treatment of VB Add-Ins. It covers both VB 5 and VB 6. It has information on programming menus and toolbars that I have not found anywhere else. The appendices include the lists of built in command bar controls and the list and images of all the icons (faceIDs)  you see on command bars. No CD and very few examples.
Order Creating VB 5 Add-Ins

Find Out Detailed Information on Visual Basic 5 Add-Ins

This book provides detailed information on Visual Basic 5 Add-ins. One half of the book covers examples of programming the VB 5 Add-In object model, the other half is a detailed reference to the object model and warnings of the errors in the Microsoft documentation. The CD includes examples of every Add-In feature and a Help File reference for the Object Model
Order Bug Proofing Visual Basic

Bug Proof Your Visual Basic Programs

Learn how to minimize errors in your programs and to create error handlers for unexpected errors when they do occur. The author discusses the various debug tools as well as ways to prevent bugs by using good programming practices during design, coding and documentation. He draws on his experience to identify areas that are prone to produce bugs and shows ways to 'bug proof' these trouble spots. In fact the book is full of hard won 'tips' based on the authors experience that can save you lots of grief if implemented in your development strategy.

Order VB Programmers Guide to the Win32 API

The Book You Need to Use the Windows API's with VB

If you want to learn how to use the Win32 APIs, Dan Appleman's Guide is the book you need. He will show you how to translate the Visual C++ API declarations into VB Function declarations and calls. Functional chapters cover descriptions and examples all of the major API calls. There is also a very comprehensive index plus the CD included with the book includes the entire text of the book so you can search through it to find what you need. 

Order Advanced Microsoft VB 6

The Software Engineering Guide to VB

Learn the experts' techniques for successful VB projects. While this book does have some code examples it's more about VB program development methodology. Chapters cover: How to create a Error handling strategy, How to hire VB programmers, What are the Y2K issues with VB,  Testing VB programs, and Minute VB details such as using the compiler. Since ach chapter is written by a different experienced programmer, each chapter gives you an additional unique viewpoint.

Order Real Visual Basic

VB 6: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This book presents a pratical real world view of developing software with VB. It covers everything you need to know from Requirements through Design, Coding, Testing to the final Deployment. It also covers topics such as Interface design, coding standards, object design and database design.

Order Doing Objects in VB 6

Learn the VB Way of Object  Oriented Programming

Deborah Kurata's VBits presentations are always sellouts because of her excellent teaching techniques. This book follows that tradition. The first half ot the book, covers the high level steps of how to design an object-oriented application. The second half gives concrete VB code examples of using each Object Oriented concept. The examples are illustrative and concise so you can grasp the concept just by stepping through the code.

Order Internationalization with VB

Create VB Applications for the Whole Wide World

Learn how to Internationalize your VB apps with the locale APIs, code pages and Unicode. Find out which VB controls to use. Know how to format dates, currencies, and calendars. Extensive reference materials.

Order Practical Standards for VB

Code Visual Basic Better with Standards

Learn to code your VB programs so you can maintain them today and in the future. This book tells  you what standards to follow and gives examples, explainations and reasons.  Topics include naming conventions and Hungarian Notation, creating descriptive names, constants vs. magic numbers, enumerations, error-handling tips and techniques, indenting code, using white space,  etc.

Order Core VB 5

Learn Visual Basic for Experienced Programmers

A complete guide to programming Visual Basic 5 (and 6) for programmers experienced in VB or other languages. Expertly written by a member of the Microsoft VB Team and a Computer Science professor. Covers many of the VB Tools such as Wizards, Add-Ins, Visual Componet Manager. It provides many usefull projects on the CD.   Sample code for advanced techniques such as using linked lists with Visual Basic.

Order Beginning VB 6 Database Programming

Start Programming Databases

This is a well written book for beginners using a tutorial style. There are excellent screen shots through out the book.  The author also includes ADO, Active Server Pages, and other advanced ADO technolgies in the same easy to learn format. You can download the code examples for the book from the WROX site.

Order Beginning VB 6 SQL Server 7

Move Up to Program SQL 7

Most VB applications involve database programming and SQL Server 7 is the database of choice for many applications. This books strong points are its comphrensive discussion of Microsoft's Transact-SQL (T-SQL) and stored procedures.   It also covers all the tools available with SQ 7.  Sample code for the book's examples is available at the WROX site.

Order SQL Server 7 Programming

Advance to Professional SQ7 Server 7 Programming

This book is aimed at developers not database administrators. It contains clear concise and easily understood examples. It covers all aspects of administering and developing software for SQL 7 including the SQL 7 software, T-SQL, database design, table joins, stored procedures and transactions.  

Order VB 6 Unleashed

A Visual Basic Smorgasborg

From what's new in VB 6 to Visual SourceSafe this book covers a wide range of topics in 39 chapters. Major sections are VB 6, component programming, Internet programming, Databases and advanced topics such as TAPI, SAPI, MTS, Add-Ins, and OLE. 

Order SQL A Beginner's Guide

Learn SQL From a Real Trainer

This book starts with the essentials: how to connect to a database and builds from there. All major SQL in a clear way with many examples. Check   your understanding with the 1 Minute Drills after each concept, Mastery Checks (with answers) at the end of each chapter and projects (with solutions.)
Order The Design of Everday Things

Don't Design Another User Interface Until You Read This Book

This book is a classic in how to design things for human beings. If you've ever designed an interface and had users use in the "wrong" way you'll appreciate this book. He gives examples like the dangerous toaster with the exposed wires that were dangerous. The manufacturer never expected people to extract burning toast with a fork. Another "designer" built a shower with a non standard faucet placement: One on the top of the other - Which one was the hot one? The "To Err is Human" chapter categories errors so you can see how to design your software so people don't make them when the use it.
Order Why We Buy

What's This Book Doing Here?

I read this book at the same time I read "The Design of Everyday Things" and found it to be a more specific study of designing things for humans - this time as applied to shopping in stores. The author has the advantage of extensive studies of real people shopping in stores. This is something you should do - watch real people using your software. The findings are surprising. For example - how do you get women to shop more? Provide a seat for their husbands so they don't get restless and want to leave. Actually, there is one chapter that does relate to programming: Cybershopping on the Web.

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