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Solutions to Some of the Various Visual Basic Annoyances

System Error 80004002 trying to open the Components Dialog from the projects menu.
This is due to wrong/bad version of COMCAT.DLL installed. If you have comcat.dll version 5.0 (~7KBytes) replace it with version 4.71 (~22KBytes) from your VB CDs. See the Microsoft KnowlegeBase: Q183370
Force VB 6 to Open with Maximized Code Windows
Add MDIMaximized to the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Visual Basic/6.0/MDIMaximized = "1"
VB5/VB6 IDE: Error Loading Form - See form error log.
This error may refer to the Common Dialog OCX (comdlg32.ocx) or the Windows Common Controls OCX (comctl32.ocx). Your project's version may be different from the registered version.
The quick fix is to create a new project and add the offending controls to it. Save the new project and then open the new project's VBP file with Notepad. Look for the Object = LInes:
Object={F9043C88-F6F2-101A-A3C9-08002B2F49FB}#1.1#0; COMDLG32.OCX
Object={6B7E6392-850A-101B-AFC0-4210102A8DA7}#1.1#0; COMCTL32.OCX
Copy the line(s) for the offending OCX(s). Open your project's VBP file in Notepad. Paste the lines over your VBP's lines. Save your VBP and reopen with VB.  This usually fixes the problem when the #n parameters are different.
VB5 Control Installation Problem
  1. License information for This Component Not Found.
  2. You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality in the design environment.
  3. Compile Error: Permission Denied.
  4. Runtime Error '429': ActiveX Component Can't Create
Solution: Download vbc.exe from: Microsoft Knowledge Base:  Q181854
Also see the following Article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Q177799
How do I get rid of the "~" in the VB Project Path to a VBP file?
This can occur when you open a VBP file by double clicking it from Windows Explorer.  Open Windows Explorer. Use the View Menu | View Options. Select the file type tab. Select Visual Basic Project from the list box. Click Edit... Select Open. Click Edit... Put double quotes " around the application path to VB: "C:\Program Files\DevStudio\VB\VB5.exe". Click OK and close all the dialogs. This will also work for other applications.
"Unexpected Error 50003" when running program.
This can be related to a OCX version problem or a problem in loading a gif into a picture box. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base : Q194414 - FIX: "Unexpected Error" Message When Loading a GIF. If this doesn't fix your problem, it is probably due to a comctl32.ocx problem.    See   for additional information.
Error 7 Out of Memory and I have 512 MB of Ram!
The best explaination for this error is from the Core VB 5 Book: "An Out of Memory" error does not necessarily mean your application has run out of memory. It is possible for VBA to return this generic error because it cannot determine a more appropriate error. You still need to find out the cause for the error in your code, but you should not try to figure out why your system is low on memory when there is a very good chance that the error has nothing to do with memory."
Some of My VB IDE Menu Items are gone.
On VB 6, SP3 my Edit Menu items disappear with great regularity. The way to fix this is to reset the menus. Warning: Before you start, save your project! Right click the menu bar. Select custom from the popup menu. Select menu bar from the list box. Click the reset button. This usually freezes all the menu items and I have to kill VB 6. When I restart it, voila, all the menu items are back.
Tool Bar Loses Buttons
Force VB to rebuild the UI registry entry. Use RegEdit to locate the VB UI entry:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Visual Basic\6.0

Delete or rename the UI entry. Then restart VB. You will have to tell VB to view other toolbars [Debug for example] 
--Larry Rebich:
I Don't See Any Add-ins in the VB Add-In Manager's List
This is a known VB BUG: Add-Ins Only Visible to the User Who Installs VB. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Q190212
I Can't Add the T-SQL Debugger to the VB Add-In Manager
This is a known VB BUG. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Q254464
Design Time License Problems With Threed32.OCX, Grid32.OCX, Spin32.OCX, etc.
These controls were shipped with VB 4, but are not shipped with VB 5. They are included in the on the VB 5 CD in the \Tools\Controls\ Directory. This directory also contains the vbctrls.reg file. When you merge this file with your registry using RegEdit, you will have design time licenses for these controsl.
How can I position where  the Common Dialog Control pops up?
The common dialog will position it self it the upper left hand corner of it's container control. Use a separate container control just for the common dialog and position it on the form where  you want the common dialog to show.
Does Microsoft know about my problem? Does it have a Fix?
The Microsoft Visual Basic Support Page contains a list of VB 5 bugs fixed in VB 6 and the VB 6 bug list. If you don't find your problem here,  you can also submit problems to Microsoft here.
You can also enter your error number or search terms at Microsoft's search page
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