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Programming Tools for VB Programmers

GridLinx Software produces tools that we needed so we know you can use them. They are implemented as Visual Basic 5/6 Add-Ins so they become part of the VB 5/6 Integrated  Development Environment (VB IDE). Download fully functional versions for your Free evaluation. Each download includes examples of how to use VB Builder and VB Documentor and free source code examples including the error reporting form.

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How can I Copy my VB Project to a New Directory?  Use the Free Release Version of CopyProjectLite.

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Document Your Programs With One Click

Enter your comments into VB DocuMentor and with one click create formatted descriptive procedure and module headers and word wrapped comment blocks.

With one click, insert four different types of error handlers, including one that can be used with VB Builder to pinpoint errors.

The revision feature tracks when, where, why, and how a code change was made. It is a must for process traceability.

Indent your code with one click!

Close all code and form windows with one click!

Click to see VB DocuMentor Form

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Do you think commenting takes too much time? Read how your productivity can increase!

New: Download the Free VB DocuMentor HTML Revision History Tool from Signal Flow Technologies

Pinpoint Errors to the Exact Code Line

If your program crashes at your user's site, can you find what the error was and where it occured in your code?

With VB Builder you can pinpoint errors in your VB programs to the exact line where they occur. The error reporting form logs the information so it is not lost.

VB Builder creates line numbered versions of your VB program so that you can use the VB Error Line Function (erl) in your error handling code.

VB Builder also compiles your programs and stores each line numbered version in a separate directory based on the current version number of the VB project so you can find the error.

Click to see the VB Builder Form

Click for full size

New: Beta Version available for testing: Line Number without compiling, Use with Source Code Control

Read how an expert uses line numbers to debug errors in the field.

These products may be purchased by internet, e-mail, fax or regular mail with your credit card, check, cash or purchase order. Read what satisfied users say about our products.

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VB 3 to VB5/6 Conversion Information

Year 2000 (Y2K) Compliant

Annoyed by a VB Problem? Check the Annoyances Page for a Solution.

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